Ferrino Urban Backpacks

We must admit that the series of urban backpacks is not the strongest side of the Ferrino range. There are very few of them, and most of the models are simple and can hardly surprise the sophisticated user. But we could not pass by one backpack!

#16 Ferrino Dry Up 22 Backpack

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Dry Up is Ferrino’s powerful answer to the trend of minimalistic waterproof urban backpacks in recent years. It is ideal for cycling and is perfect for travel and everyday wear. What’s interesting about it?

  • Waterproof. The inside of the backpack is laminated with a membrane using OutDry technology and closes with a twist – just like the sealed Ferrino hiking and climbing backpacks from the High Lab series.
  • Stylish and concise. The backpack is made in one color, contains a minimum of details and has a streamlined shape.
  • Easy. Due to the use of membrane fabric and a minimum of parts, the backpack turned out to be very light – its waterproof counterparts made of PVC and TPU materials are 1.5-2 times heavier.
  • Durable and unpretentious. The membrane is laminated to a wear-resistant ripstop nylon Cordura fabric that dries quickly and is easy to clean.

And all these properties are combined with a price that is quite affordable for a light and stylish pressurized backpack, which is significantly lower than that of the closest competitors in the face of Ortlieb or Jack Wolfskin.

Ferrino Running Backpacks

The Alps are the epicenter of world trail running, so it’s no surprise that Ferrino has a wide range of running backpacks worthy of a detailed review. Therefore, here we will dwell on them briefly.

  • X-Track and X-Rush are classic models of lightweight running backpacks and vests of various sizes for long-distance and extra-long distance running, forced marches and rogaining. Both series can compete in price / quality ratio with CAMP models.
  • X-Cross is a running backpack with an original design that allows you to run at once with two drinking systems and a pair of voluminous flasks on the belt, which makes it almost indispensable on trails where water is in short supply.
  • X-Ride is a backpack for medium to long distance running and cycling. It has a streamlined shape, fits snugly and precisely over the back and torso, and therefore does not interfere with intensive pedaling and does not impair aerodynamics. Equipped with a reflective loop for attaching the clearance lamp.

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The Desert Cat is a roomy Dyneema running backpack in the High Lab line. Lightweight yet waterproof and very durable. The weight saved on fabric has been invested in a comfortable back and padded shoulder straps, as well as useful details that enhance the ergonomics of the backpack. Suitable for medium to long distance trail runners, and also deserves the attention of ultra light riders.

The Dry-Run is possibly the only one of a kind sealed running backpack, laminated from the inside with OutDry membrane. This design allows you to move for a long time in the pouring rain, without thinking about the contents of the backpack – it is guaranteed to remain dry. The model is very precisely adjusted to the user due to the system of adjusting the length of the straps at the top and bottom points.

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Obviously, conservative Italians from Ferrino have something to surprise the modern outdoor community with. And when that isn’t the case, they just make cool gear at a competitive price that’s great for beginners and seasoned athletes alike.

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